Another successful evening for the fortnightly Networking Sundowner!

Even if i do say so myself!

No one really loves going into a room of strangers and telling them how great you are, or showing them the charm and charisma only reserved for a visit with Nana!

Its awkward and sometimes extremely overwhelming, but it’s a necessary evil in the modern business world because when we get down to it..its about your livelihood.

This space allows you to pitch your business and hear about your neighbours!

It puts a face to a name and business!

Here’s something i find interesting about our society and the psychology of a referral..

Say you need cleaner. You google some names or if your old school open up a yellow pages//business directory. You see the ads and names and phone numbers but who do you choose? How do you choose someone?

This happened to a friend of mine recently. She needed a vacate clean and wanted someone by the end of the week who was reliable, clean and efficient. Of course she reached out to her friends but none could recommend anyone.

So.. we suggested going onto ‘the bookface’ and asking someone in a local buy nothing group in her area.

So she asked the question to this community. A Community of strangers (basically) who happened to live in her area.

6 People. 6 complete strangers commented on this post and recommended people they had used in the past. And on THOSE recommendations my friend selected someone to clean her house.

Its so simple. And that’s why networking is awesome. Because you aren’t just talking to 1 person. The ‘reach’ you may have extends to that persons contacts- friends, family, colleagues, clients AND just like my friend’s case, you could help a stranger make a connection they wouldn’t have otherwise had!


A big thanks to all that attended last night (Kirsten, Phil, Tanya, Mike, Reece, Andrew, Greg, Steve and Lisa)


Tanya(left), Jared(middle) and Mike(right) Krissy(left) Kirsten(middle) and Tanya(right) Reece(left) Phil(middle) and Bob(right) Andrew(left) Jon(middle) Tanya(right)

















The Bibra Lake Networking Sundowner is fortnightly @ The Cabin  Bar & Grill.


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