Maximise Transparency

The most effective way of maximising transparency and the most cost-effective approach to identifying problems and solutions is to undertake an IT audit.

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Most new clients of Wolfe Systems request an audit to ensure that the client and the consultancy understand all issues and potential issues. This also placed the consultancy in the best position to offer optimum solutions.

The scope of an IT audit might include:

Network security

Anti-virus and mail-ware protection

Active directory, user, and administration structure

Onsite and external data storage and back-up systems

Peripheral set-up management

IT documentation and practices

IT outlay and support costs

Telephony and line rental

Internet access and usage

Mobile plans and usage

Printing and peripheral costs

Operational efficiencies

The better all parties understand the current position – the better able we are to work together to identify and implement the optimal, short term, medium-term and long-term solutions.


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