Unfortunately, this list of breathtaking tourist attractions won’t subside that jealousy. Take a look back at the “good old days” of travel, and see all the spots that no longer exist.

 Statue of Liberty Torch

Visiting the Statue of Liberty while in New York City is basically a right of passage. If a person goes on a family vacation to the Big Apple and does not board the ferry boat and get one of those pointy, green, foam Liberty hats, did the visit to NYC ever really happen?

Statue of Liberty Torch - bygone tourist attractions
And for the families that are unafraid of heights, the option to climb all the way up to view the Manhattan skyline from Lady Liberty’s crown is a hard opportunity to pass up. So just imagine the sprawling views from her torch! Unfortunately, for now we’ll just have to imagine the views, because the climb to the torch has been labelled too dangerous for tourists since 1916.

 The “Underwater Amazon”

Up until recently, the coral reefs off of the Indonesian coast of Raja Ampat, known as the “Underwater Amazon” were regarded as some of the most spectacular reefs the world had to offer. But that all changed in the most devastating way in 2017.

Underwater Amazon - bygone tourist attractions

Didier Brandelet/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

In March of that year, a British cruise ship accidentally crashed into the Underwater Amazon when it veered off of its usual route. The crash caused 1,600 square meters of the reef to be damaged. Experts say that it could take 100 years for the reef to rebuild, so it could be a while before anyone can take a tour of this breathtaking reef in all its pre-impact glory.

 The Azure Window

For anyone who might not have seen the Malta’s Azure Window gracing the digital pages of paradise destination travel blog, or on seemingly-endless Instagram feeds of so-called “influencers,” they might recognise this beautiful rock formation from its brief featuring on HBO’s Game of Thrones. And it’s a good thing that the captivating limestone arch was captured on film before it disappeared forever.

The Azure Window - bygone tourist attractions


After withstanding hundreds of storms throughout the years, it took one storm in March 2017 for one of the world’s most beautiful tourist attractions to come crashing down. But while Mother Nature herself was responsible for taking away this incredible landmark, some of the other bygone tourist attractions on this list met a much more shocking demise.

The Jeffrey Pine

If a tree falls on a mountain and no one is around to hear it, does it make a noise? For one very famous tree, the moment it fell, the world could practically hear the cries of all of its tree-loving fans. That tree was the Jeffrey Pine on top of Yosemite’s Sentinel Dome, one of the most photographed trees in the entire world.

Jeffrey Pine - bygone tourist attractions

Flickr/California Historical Society

The Jeffrey Pine became famous as being something out of a dystopian storybook when it was first photographed by Ansel Adams. Thousands of tourists have since photographed the now-bygone tourist attraction, and despite its other worldly look, it stood proud until it fell in 2003.