Maximising Efficiency

The success of Wolfe Systems will ultimately depend on our capacity to address the needs of our clients, especially in terms of continuity, security, recovery, performance, integration, and affordability – and in so doing – maximise efficiency, especially in delivering Managed IT services.
Manage IT


Thinking about technology will damage your business

Most of our clients choose to focus on core business in the knowledge that peripheral issues like technology are delivering business continuity without interruption or downtime. We work with our clients to ensure they have the technology and support needed to ensure business continuity.

No business should have to tolerate downtime.


Your security has been compromised – you just don’t know it yet

Our clients are aware of the dangers associated with the dark web and breaches of their firewall. They understand the cost of network security failures and downtime. We work with our clients to ensure they have in place the required cyber-security software, systems, and procedures.

No business should have to tolerate cyber-security that threatens their business.


Data recovery should be almost instantaneous – or faster

On the rare occasions that a client’s security is breached, they need to know that their system can be up and running as close to immediately as possible. We work with clients to ensure secure network security, data storage, disaster recovery – no matter what the circumstances.

No business should have to tolerate delays in data recovery.


Slow internet speeds are a choice – regardless of your provider

Our clients expect the highest possible internet speeds. To maximise efficiency, all aspects of our clients’ technology requirements must perform to specification. We work with clients in Perth and Melbourne to ensure that this need is fully met.

No business should have to tolerate slow internet or less than optimal system performance.


Your security should be talking to your telephone

The clients of Wolfe Systems understand that in 2021, most aspects of their technology, including computing, telecommunications, audio-visual and security, should be integrated. Integrated technologies can deliver significant time and cost savings.

No business should have to tolerate the inefficiencies associated with standalone systems.


Technology jargon creates the illusion of value

Our clients want to know and understand what they are paying for, consider cost options, ensure competitive pricing, and have access to simple finance options with one monthly payment. While not all clients seek finance, all of them know it is there, and all of them know they are getting value.

No business should have to tolerate paying too much.

Efficiency ratings

We are sufficiently confident in our capacity to maximise efficiency that we provide an ‘efficiency rating’ with all solutions and all reports.

Every solution outlined in every proposal is efficiency rated. Where multiple solutions, catering for different budgets are offered – each one is efficiency rated.

Every Managed IT client receives a monthly report on work completed and the outcomes for the client. A monthly efficiency rating is provided with suggests of how to improve efficiency

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