Managed Network Services

In today’s digital world, many companies are highly dependent on technology. Successful enterprises rely on high-quality networks to transport large quantities of data at high speeds, and emerging businesses are starting to adapt to such digital transformation. This explains why there is a growing need for dependable and secure network infrastructure resources.


Here at Wolfe Systems, we offer managed network services to meet the growing technology needs of businesses. From dedicated internet access, Ethernet, and wavelength services, our network solutions provide high-quality business connections without requiring a team to manage the network internally. As a network services provider, we strive to address the technological challenges that our clients face on the daily.
Managed Network Services

We provide customisable services

Having been in the IT industry for many years now, we understand that networks are not one-size-fits-all. We always emphasise that every business has different security, speed, and bandwidth needs. We have a range of solutions to fit different business sizes and requirements, and we can tailor each of our services to individual companies.

A company may need to transition from dedicated internet access to wavelength services as its employees and customer needs expand and change. While a dedicated internet access offers high-bandwidth capability and connectivity, wavelength services feature a more flexible architecture that allows a business to grow its data network without adding infrastructure responsibility to its internal IT team.

Wolfe Systems is equipped to grow with its clients. We have the capability to expand or upgrade solutions to meet the increasing bandwidth or changing security needs of our clients.

We are committed to growth

The table stakes of any business are its network services and infrastructure. We deliver our network solutions with our client’s goals in mind. Striving to be among the top managed network services providers, we have infrastructure and services to help our clients gain customers.

Our team is passionate about growth. We go above and beyond in providing our services and are committed to helping businesses grow their network infrastructure to better serve their customers. It is our mission to provide managed data network services that are geared towards expanding and growing.

We minimise downtime

The quality and reliability of a company’s networks ensure its profits and efficiency. Network issues and downtime can be costly in terms of production and administration, which is why we are here to provide digital network services that guarantee minimal downtime and quick issue resolution. With our managed data network services, our clients can reduce the costs of downtime.

We bring with us our in-depth knowledge of potential problems affecting our client’s area. Our enhanced level of service gives us the flexibility to respond with effective solutions more quickly. We deal with network concerns across a specific area and dedicate resources to every client’s network as quickly as they need them.


In this section, we have listed the most common questions of our clients

Managed Network Services: What Is It?
These services refer to the delivery of primarily operational support for a networked IT environment in which the personnel, financial obligations, and hardware assets are on the books of the customer. This includes complementary services or a complete replacement to an organisation’s internal IT services.
What services are included in network service management?

Every service provider offers a different range of services. Some of the digital network services they offer may include the following:

  • Connectivity and bandwidth
  • LAN/WLAN management
  • Managing installations and upgrades
  • Network provisioning or virtualisation
  • Network testing and monitoring
  • Overseeing network security and risk mitigation
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Providing data storage
  • Providing help desk technical support
  • Providing web hosting
  • Suggesting and implementing software patches
What are examples of network services?

Network services come in many different forms, such as:

  • IP addressing
  • Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Primary domain email service
  • Internet access
  • Web content filtering
  • Security products (Firewalls, VPN termination, and intrusion prevention systems or IPS, among others)
  • Wireless Services

For reliable network services, work with Wolfe Systems

Reduce the burden on your organisation’s in-house IT team. Work with Wolfe Systems to free up your internal IT services from management to focus on more strategic initiatives within your organisation. When you choose us as your network services provider, you can rest assured that you’re working with a team who offers cost-effective service with a high level of reliability.

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