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As with other industries, enterprise IT is constantly changing. The very purpose of IT has changed from mere service management to strategic enabler. In the past, the main concern was uptime in a largely static environment, but user experience amidst a constantly-changing mosaic of technology is now the focus.

IT cannot continue being a manually-manipulated machine as the modern world needs a simple, AI-driven approach to operations. In pursuit of a simpler IT experience, Juniper Networks acquired Mist Systems. This is part of the company’s vision to expand its enterprise portfolio into the wireless arena and stake claim to AI-driven operations in the age of the multicloud.
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Mist Systems Juniper Expansion

Recognising the significant growth of wireless networks in various industries, Mist Systems developed an innovative solution that provides connectivity, analytics, troubleshooting, and engagement. Now part of Juniper Networks, Mist Systems has an increasing demand.

Here at Wolfe Systems, we bring Mist Systems WLAN to our enterprise customers. This AI-powered WLAN platform combines AI, data science, and machine learning with the latest cloud technologies. With such a platform, we can help transform businesses with unprecedented scale, agility, automation features, and insights.

The platform can service end-to-end enterprises, with servers in the data centre or cloud working together to fulfil better operations. Mist Systems Juniper is the smartest solution when it comes to receiving better insights into a network and preparing challenges of the future. This is good news for businesses across various industries.

Why Use Juniper’s Mist System?

Mist Systems Juniper can provide AI-powered insights. Businesses can make informed decisions with ease and also receive customisable service level expectations based on streaming telemetry data from Juniper Networks’ access points, switches, and other enterprise networking products. When it comes to exceptional user experience, Juniper Mist always delivers.

Mist Systems Platform

Mist Systems Juniper offers flexibility and connectivity with analytics, troubleshooting, and engagement features for a simple and streamlined experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Juniper Mist is built on an AI engine. The platform eliminates the need for data collector hardware, extra software, and overlay sensors. It doesn’t bolt AI on top of legacy platforms as it is artificial intelligence in one simplified system.


Juniper Mist analyses how big data and AI companies correlate massive data with scalability and performance. It harnesses the same principles in the cloud and ensures to deliver optimised experiences.


In addition to the features mentioned above, the platform is also inherently resilient. It is built with microservices that act independently of one another. With this feature, Juniper Mist can optimise engineering efficiencies while providing elastic scale and ensuring rapid feature roll-out.

Mist Systems: The Cloud

From Wi-Fi assurance and analytics to WAN assurance and virtual assistance, the Mist platforms cloud service is always highly reliable.

Wi-Fi Assurance

Delivering the industry’s most robust WLAN, this cloud service features customisable service levels, dynamic packet capture, and automated event correlation. It also features guest Wi-Fi, personalised WLANs, inline policy engines, and many more.

Wired Assurance

Enterprises and professionals can have better visibility into end-user experiences with this cloud service. Bringing robust data from the Junos OS switch telemetry into the microservices cloud and AI engine, this allows a shorter mean time for repairs.

WAN Assurance

This microservice optimises for simpler operations, providing better visibility into end-user experiences. As with the wire assurance, this also delivers shorter meantime when repairing issues on the WAN.

Virtual Assistance

Organisations and businesses can ensure unprecedented insight about their network and proactively resolve Wi-Fi issues as this feature includes simple natural language queries. It also integrates help desk functions.

Mist Systems Juniper Installation with Wolfe Systems

In the age of the multicloud, stay on the leading edge with Juniper’s Mist Wireless platforms. To learn more about this technology, get in touch with Wolfe Systems.
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