We Have Been Listening

Over the years, our clients have asked us many questions. Some of these questions and the associated answer follow.


Is it possible to eliminate all inefficiencies?

Any inefficiency that can be identified can be eliminated. Wolfe Systems has never worked with a new client that has not had inefficiencies that can be eliminated. We can go very close to eliminating all inefficiencies and even closer towards eliminating downtime.

Can security be guaranteed?
While security can never be guaranteed, we have never found a client for whom security cannot be improved. The chances of a security breech can certainly be minimised, and systems can be put in place to minimise the impact of any security breach. Disruption can be minimised.
Can the system be set up to ensure full and immediate data recovery when the system crashes, or there is a security breach – even one involving ransomware?

The short answer is – YES!

Can by internet speeds be improved without changing internet provider?
The short answer is – almost always – YES!
What are the benefits of technology integration?
Integrating elements of a business’s technology can be highly effective in driving business efficiency, reducing technology costs, eliminating data losses, and maximising the return in investment.
Can we collapse all of our technology costs – including hardware, software and the Managed IT services into one monthly payment?
The short answer is – YES!
We are often not clear about what we are paying for with Managed IT services. Can this problem be overcome?
In our view, the provision of Managed IT services without absolute clarity is unacceptable. Monthly reports should make it absolutely clear, in layman’s terms what was completed in the previous month – and what is proposed for the month ahead, and why.
How structured does the approach to Managed IT need to be?
Very structured. IT is complex and eliminating inefficiencies requires an approach that is very structured and methodical. There needs to be an annual plan and a monthly plan – and those plans need to be fully implemented if downtime and inefficiency are to be eliminated.
What level of transparency should we expect?

Absolute transparency. The optimal result is only ever achievable when the client has to hand all of the information and options; they need to make the optimum decisions. Proposals and monthly reports should provide all critical information in simple English. An IT audit can help.

Can the same consultancy help us as we grow?
Yes, but only if they have experience in working with businesses of all sizes. The needs of businesses change as they grow, and the requirements of a Managed IT provider also change as the business grows in complexity. Experience is smaller and larger environments is, therefore, essential.
How accountable should our Managed IT provider be?
Absolutely accountable. Just like any other consultant, your Managed IT provider should be expected to deliver on time, to budget and to specification. They should be responsible for advising of potential issues and recommending solutions. They should set annual KPIs and deliver in accordance with those KPIs.
Why do so many IT providers communicate poorly, if at all?

That is not at all clear, but what is clear is that every client should expect their IT provider to report regularly, meet with them regularly, call them regularly and communicate in plain English.

What is digital transformation?
Many organizations are currently going through the transition from analogue systems to digital systems, while others are leveraging the power of digital automation to streamline their businesses.
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