How to Fix black Screen on Samsung

You can help fixing the black Screen Problem by following the simple steps:

Step 1: Power off your device to get started for booting. You can do it by holding the Power Key with the Volume down Key together.

Step 2: Wait till it vibrates and let it go to get the phone booted once again. Take the help of Android Recovery System to get started.

Step 3: Select for the “wipe cache partition” with the volume keys to get the Reboot done of the phone and get the Black Screen removed.

Step 4: If you think that the application is creating such a problem, it is time to reboot your phone. If you cannot do it by yourself, it is better to take the help of any professional to do it for you.

If the android smartphone did not start, it is time to take out your battery and press the power on button to try out a restart. If it turns on, the black screen may be solved but if it does not, then there is a problem with either with the battery or the charger.

Part 4: Useful Tips to Protect your Samsung from Black Screen

This may sound a bit odd, but getting your phone prepared for such things is the first thing that should be coming up to your mind. But to get your phone away from Black Screen and some of them are:

1. Enable power-saving mode

The power saving mode helps to reduce the battery usage as well as closing the Apps automatically which you are not using.

2. Display brightness and screen timeout

Brightness and display uses up a lot of battery life and you can keep them low to save your phone.

3. Use black wallpaper

Black Wallpaper keeps the LED screen safe and also attractive to help you.

4. Disable smart gestures

There are many off the track features you actually do not need. You can keep them disable.

5. Background apps and Notifications

They use up a lot of part in the battery which my lead your phone to a sudden hang!

6. Vibrations

The vibrator inside your phone requires power, too, so if you’re on a mission to coax every bit of extra juice out of your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, you’ll probably want to get rid of these.

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