6 Unnecessary barriers to business efficiency

Are you in the business of developing and or selling technology? If not, any time you spend thinking about technology is time you are not focusing on core business. Any time you are not focusing on core business – your business is suffering. There are limits on your time. To maximise the performance of your business you must focus on core business. Not peripheral issues, like your technology, which after all is a tool.

Of course, you already know this, as do most businesspeople. And like most businesspeople, you find this a source of considerable frustration. 20 years in the technology business has taught me that none of my clients want to think about me or their technology. They want to focus on core business in the knowledge that their technology will do what it needs to.

Want to Eliminate inefficiencies?  Like to ensure that your technology does everything it can do to enable you to focus on core business?  Then address these six critical issues.


Few things reduce business efficiency more than slow internet speeds. Many Australian businesses put up with slow internet speeds, few if any need to. There are very few businesses that cannot improve the speed of their internet. Reserve judgement when your provider says it cannot be improved. What is more, faster internet speeds can generally be enhanced without changing provider.

My advice
Have a specialist audit your internet requirements. Don’t suffer inefficiencies. 


No business operating in Australia today is exempt from security threats. Some of these threats are minor. Others are catastrophic – and all threaten productivity.
At the same time, there are businesses out there spending a fortune on security, with little or no return. There are large risks to productivity from a security breach. A customised security strategy will help negate. What is more, the essential security need not be expensive.

My opinion
Have a specialist complete a security audit. Have them develop a customised security solution for your business.


If I had a dollar for every manager who has called me because they had lost data, I would be on the AFR rich list by now. While losing data is 100% avoidable, far too many businesses do it.
Every business should have in place recovery systems. They ensure data recovery after any systems failure or security breach. Indeed, your recovery system is very often the best protection against security breaches. Recovery systems should be regularly tested to ensure they will work when the time comes.

My opinion
Have a specialist audit your business. Have them develop a fail-safe customised data recovery system.


Multiple stand-alone systems are a recipe for inefficiency. Stand-alone systems limit data and file sharing. They cause software conflicts and installation issues, increase costs, and reduce capacity.
Integrated systems increase efficiency. They enable the more efficient sharing and analysis of data. They allow the development of more powerful databases. Superior communication, and lower software and potentially hardware costs can be obtained. Stand-alone systems should be a thing of the past.

My advice
Place the highest possible priority on system integration. Have a specialist develop a customised solution for your business.


Businesses in Australia have not embraced automation as well as they might. Enormous progress has been made in automating business processes and improving efficiencies. The efficiency of businesses around the world has been made.
Most industries worldwide have embraced artificial intelligence and machine learning. Highly economical off the shelf and customised business automation packages are available. Automation can increase efficiency and reduce costs.

My recommendation
Have a specialist audit your business. This will identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase efficiency through automation.


There are few things more disruptive and expensive than systems failures. Far too few businesses have prepared systems to reduce their frequency.
In 2021, downtime should largely be a thing of the past. You need the right hardware and software. The right diagnostic tools, and a program of regular checks. Only discuss your technology effectiveness when you scan your monthly efficiency report.

My guidance
Engage a specialist to audit your technology. An audit will identify the weakest points and recommend strategies to eliminate downtime.

I know I am making this all sound easy, but the fact is – it need not be that hard. Conduct an annual audit. Have a strategy to identify and eliminate issues. Do regular checks and have monthly reporting. Do this and you can eliminate inefficiency. Encourage further elimination of inefficiencies; incorporate an efficiency rating system into your strategy. Wolfe Systems has developed a formal Efficiency Rating Metric (ERM). ERM addresses the efficiency of your technology. It addresses the efficiency of the support services engaged to maintain it. All Managed IT providers and associated specialists need to be accountable.

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