Would You Wear This Thing to Concerts?

Original article from Popular Mechanics

  • Production Club, a design studio in Los Angeles, has come up with a prototype for a personal protective suit tailored to concertgoers.
  • Micrashell not only looks like a cyberpunk dream, but it also features some handy specs from a ventilation system, including the option to “mute” people in real life and a drinking design that ensures nobody can tamper with your drink.
  • The company was inspired to create the suit after seeing a tidal wave of positive COVID-19 (coronavirus) cases in Florida following spring break.
the front of the micrashell suit, which includes sensor and info led lights, a camera, an nfc link pouch, and morethe back of the micrashell suit, which mostly includes ventilation equipment and a smartphone pouch on the arm

“WE BELIEVE THE FUTURE OF EVENTS IS NOT PURELY VIRTUAL OR PURELY PHYSICAL.” -Miguel Risueño, head of inventions for Production Club

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