How to Recover Photos from Black Screen Android Phone

This article will show you a simple way to a simple way to restore photos from a black screen Android phone. This is a very useful method when your Android phone is stuck in the black screen.

If your computer can recognize your Samsung phone, you can follow this article to learn how to Recover Photos from Black Screen Samsung Phone.

Samsung phones are popular all over the world, because Samsung’s technology has been improving, and mobile phones are becoming more and more intelligent. Of course, high-tech products also have problems, and sometimes encounter many unexpected circumstances. Today, we are going to solve a very annoying problem for Samsung users, which is how to recover data from the Samsung phone with a black screen. The data in the phone is important to every user because they record a lot of useful things or memories.

Recover Photos from Black Screen Samsung Phone with one click

Samsung data recovery software will be used for this article. It can connect and scan your Android phone with black screen and recover photos for you, you can preview these photos, and then select any of them to recover from the black screen.

You can also recover text messages, contacts, videos, call logs, WhatsApp messages, music, books, and other data from your black screen Samsung phone.

Preview the recoverable file and then resume free of charge. 100% safe and clean during recovery.

Note: This software can’t fix the other device to normal like HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony, Huawei, ZTE, Google Nexus, Google Pixel, ZTE, Xiaomi, Sharp, Windows phone, except the bricked Samsung(Galaxy S6/S5/S4, Galaxy Note 5/Note 4/Note 3, Tab Pro 10.1).

If you need this help, download a trial version of Android Data Recovery for free, based on your computer’s version, and follow the data extraction steps below.


How to Recover Photos from Black Screen Samsung Phone

Part 1: Recover data from Black Screen Samsung with Broken data Extraction

Step 1: First of all, free download and install the program on your computer with above link. Then the program will automatically launch when it is finished. Choose Broken Android Phone Data Extraction on the left of the interface.

Step 2: Connect your vivo phone to the computer with a USB cable. Click Start if your Android device stays in broken screen, black screen or non-responsive screen, you cannot enter password or cannot touch the screen. Otherwise click Fix Device if the system of your Android device is damaged, and you cannot operate it. Here you should choose Fix Device.Step 3: Choose the situation that your phone is facing with: Stuck in Startup screen, Stuck in the Download mode, Stuck in the FoneGo interface, Black screen and so on. Click Next to move on.

Step 4: Make sure that you choose the correct information of your Android device including the device name and device model. Then click Confirm to move on.

Step 5: The program will download recovery package and then repair the frozen Android system. After it is done, you can navigate to Android Data Recovery feature to access and scan your Android data, including the deleted files.Step 6: Check Messages and Message Attachment on the left pane to view details and mark the items you want to recover and click Recover to save them onto your computer.

With the help of this software, you can get Android photos off a frozen phone, recover data from dead phone and so on. Why not get it on your PC now?

Part 2: Recover the Data on your Samsung with Black Screen

So if you see that the screen has turned totally Black and you cannot simply get it back, here are a few things you must consider to do it manually.

You do not know when your smartphone will actually go black and thus it is better to get the important data secured pre handed. dr.fone – Android Data Extraction(Damaged Device) is such an application which will be helping you to recover the data in no time at all. With the help of this app, you can save it all from the Contacts to the Photos and from the documents to the call history. Well, here are some benefits you can take it from the app if you are unaware of it. With the help of this app, you can actually recover data in almost all conditions of black screen, broken screen, broken devices as well as SD card recovery.

· Flexible Recovery: You can update the data at any time you get a new device by going to your account.

· Supports: The App supports all the versions of the Smartphone by allowing you to get all the support in every versions of the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

· Recoverable Files: You can actually recover from all items such as Contacts, Call History, Whatsapp contacts and images as well as Messaging and also all the important files and folders you have.


Step 1: Run dr.fone

The first step that you need to come across and it can be done by launching the dr.fone with your PC and the going for the scan option. Once it has completed scan, you fill find a button named with “Android Data Extraction(Damaged Device)” which you need to click.

Step 2: Choose the File Types to Recover

Next up once it lands to another page, you now need to select the files and the items you actually want to recover. The recovery option however includes all from Contacts as well as Call History, Whatsapp contacts and images as well as Messaging and also all the important files and folders you have.

Step 3: Choose the Fault Type of Your Phone

To complete the black screen fault of your phone, you need to know how it happened. However, when you are recovering the phone, there are two options to choose from the system- Touch cannot to used or cannot enter the system as well as Black screen (or the screen is broken). You need to choose the appropriate format and then click on NEXT.

Step 4: Choose the Device

You need to understand the fact that the recovery software and program is different for all android devices. So you have to select the proper version of the android as well as the exact model you are using.

Step 5: Enter Download Mode on the Android Phone

This is the step of entering the download mode of the phone and start on with the screen recovery.

Here you need to follow up three individual steps which include:

· Hold the power key to Power off the Phone

· You next have to press the Volume Down, Key, The Power key as well as the Home Key at the same time

· Next up leave all the keys and press the Volume Up key to enter the download mode of the phone

Step 6: Analysis of the Android Phone

You now need to connect the android phone to the computer again and the dr.fone will automatically analyze it.

Step 7:Preview and Recover the Data from Broken Android Phone

After the display process has been completed you have to accomplish up one thing next and it is with recovering. Once the recovering has been completed the files and the folders will be forecasted in the contradiction. Next up you need to hit the “Recover” option to complete the process.


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