In 930, The worlds oldest Parliament in the world was set up by Icelandic Vikings (Source)

The Althing was established by Vikings in 930 at Thingvellir near the Nation’s capital, Reykjavik. There were typically two Things a year; one in spring and another in autumn. Each region would have its own Thing, and it would last for a full week.

There was a law rock, known as the Logberg, in the middle of the assembly. The speaker of the assembly sat there, and it was his duty to say the decisions and laws out loud to the attendees. The Logretta (The legislative assesmbly) was the Althing’s most important group; it was made up of the nation’s 36 district leaders, nine members, and the speaker.

While the Althing sessions were similar to the Roman Senate, it differed in that everyone had a voice, unlike the Roman version where senators were the only ones allowed to speak. The Thing was able to decide who should be the king; it also set taxes, negotiated property ownership and oversaw marital disputes. Also, murders and other serious crimes were investigated and judged at the Thing.


Depiction of a Viking Thing in progress. realmofhistory



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