A comprehensive report on the network, security and redundancy of your business’s IT systems.

How safe, secure and reliable are your computer systems and network? If your data became corrupted, do you have backups? Are you safe from viruses, malware, ransomware or external intrusion? How long would it take you to get things back up and running if there was a catastrophic failure? What would the cost be to your business per hour of downtime?

If you do not know the answer to these questions, or are not 100% satisfied with the answers you have, then we strongly recommend having an IT Risk Analysis done for your business.

IT Risk Analysis Specifications

Network and internet security

Verifying the security and integrity of your internal and external network connections and reporting on any issues and security weaknesses.

Anti Virus / Malware protection

Diagnose any existing protection including software and firewalls to make sure they are up to date, reliable and operating correctly.

Active Directory, user and administration structure

Validating the structure of active directory and reporting on user and administration permissions, activity and structures that pose risk.

Onsite and external backup systems

Accessing the integrity, security and reliability of existing internal and external backups and reporting on findings.

Peripheral setup and management

Examination of peripherals (such as scanners/printers) to verify that they are set up in the most effective and efficient manner.

IT Documentation and Practices

Validation of existing IT documentation and best practices. This includes, but not limited to procedure manuals, labeling of hardware, cable management etc.

On completion of the IT Risk Analysis, you will receive a highly detailed, obligation free report from us in our findings, a SWOT analysis as well as a list of recommendations to improve your systems and IT procedures.

You can couple the IT Risk Analysis with an Expenditure Audit to get not only peace of mind that your systems are safe and reliable, but also know that your business is operating at peak cost efficiency.

IT Risk Analysis


Below are the IT Risk Analysis procedures.

  • Verifying the security and integrity of your network
  • Diagnose any vulnerabilities to viruses, malware and intrusion
  • Validating the structure of active directory and user permissions
  • Accessing the integrity, security and reliability of existing backups
  • Examination of peripheral setup, functionality and usage
  • Validation of existing IT documentation and best practices
  • Report on findings and deliver recommendations

*Prices based on a single site office in the Perth metro area.  If you have multiple sites and/or are based outside the Perth Metro, then please contact us for custom pricing.

Average Time from Schedule to Presentation is 2 Weeks


We will book a time with you that suits for one of our technicians to visit your site

Technical Onsite

Our technician will perform a series of tests and interviews to gather required data

Data Processed

Once the data is gathered, the technician returns to our office and begins processing his findings

Report Generated

A fully detailed report is then created which will include a SWOT analysis and recommendations

Finding Presented

We will then schedule a time to present the report and answer and questions you may have.