Image Credit: Bruce Mars / Pixelbay

(Image credit: Image Credit: Bruce Mars / Pixelbay)

Remote working will become a permanent feature at Dell Technologies, according to CEO Michael Dell.

Speaking during a webinar on Tuesday, Dell said he believes remote working sceptics have “probably” been silenced, CRN reported.

“I think if you were sceptical about working from home, you probably aren’t now,” said Dell. “And I think we’ve all learned a lot in the last few months here. I think that will flow through and create opportunities.”

Besides the well-documented benefits of remote working, such as better work-life balance, Dell also touched on another important “silver lining”: a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. He suggested long-term adoption of remote working practices could go some way to addressing environmental concerns, due to a decrease in commuter vehicles on the roads.

Roughly ten years have passed since Dell Technologies first allowed its employees to work remotely. Prior to the pandemic, approximately a quarter of its entire workforce worked from home, although Dell’s interview suggests this figure may well skyrocket in the near future.

When coronavirus first forced organisations to shift to a remote working model, firm’s struggled to get up and running while ensuring critical data remained secure. But, according to Dell, workers now have a better handle on the challenges and have shifted their focus to ensure work is conducted “the right way”.