The 11 Biggest Unanswered Questions About Dark Matter

dark matter mysteries

(Image credit: NASA)

Given the difficulties that scientists have faced trying to detect and explain dark matter, a reasonable questioner might wonder if they’re going about it all wrong. For many years, a vocal minority of physicists have pushed the idea that perhaps our theories of gravity are simply incorrect and that the fundamental force works differently on large scales than we expect. Often known as “modified Newtonian dynamics,” or MOND models, these suggestions posit that there is no dark matter and the ultrafast speeds at which stars and galaxies are seen to rotate around one another is a consequence of gravity behaving in surprising ways. “Dark matter is still an unconfirmed model,” wrote physicist Don Lincoln in an explainer for Live Science. Yet the detractors have yet to convince the larger field of their ideas. And the latest evidence? It also suggests that dark matter is real.


Original article by Adam Mann can be found Via the Live Science website (source)


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