Everything your company needs to support your remote employees and keep them feeling — and working — at their best.

Remote working is at the core of our day-to-day lives these days

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Tech Solutions

Okay, your employees have the perfect home office and are feeling supported and ready to kick their KPI’s asses? Nice. But what happens when they sit down and realize their software was built for an office, not an apartment? Exactly.

It may seem minor, but don’t skimp on tech solutions — there’s plenty out there, and they can be the difference between being crazy efficient and just plain going crazy. Here’s what we suggest:

Meeting Software

  • What To Look For: Fast meeting setup, easy access, and not a ton of moving parts when it comes to getting your whole company onboarded.
  • Our Pick: Zoom (Cliche? Sure. Effective? You bet.)
  • Common Mistake: Sticking with old or free video conferencing software because it’s easier than switching… only to drop from yet another important call and fall behind schedule.

Communication Software

  • What To Look For: Clean, fast, and capable instant messaging. Most companies will have this in place already, but for those just making the remote switch, this is a must-have.
  • Our Pick: Slack and Zulip
  • Common Mistake: We can survive with just email” — the famous last words of a company where half the deadlines were missed due to one cluttered inbox.

Productivity Software

  • What To Look For: Simple to start, simple to master, and a clear avenue as to how it will help your team (after all, the whole point is to get more done, not less).
  • Our Pick: Simpleology
  • Common Mistake: Settling for a platform that is less focused on enabling and supporting employees and more focused on monitoring them. Have a little faith — we can all still succeed without Big Brother watching over us.


  • What To Look For: Our perfect screen blends high resolution plus compact size (hey, not everyone has a big desk at home)
  • Our Pick: Ultrasharp 24 Monitor from Dell
  • Common Mistake: Not thinking a second screen is needed. If your employees are working with small laptops, the lack of a larger monitor can make it incredibly difficult to successfully multitask or even use visual programs like Photoshop.

Keyboards & Mouses

  • What To Look For: A more natural resting position for your hands that will reduce soreness over time, but still comfortably fit on a home desk.
  • Our Pick: Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse from Microsoft
  • Common Mistake: Trying to do anything remotely accurate with a laptop trackpad… you never know you need a nice mouse until you’re without one.


  • What To Look For: Over-ear headphones that can block out noise for periods of intense focus (or when the roommates just won’t shut up).
  • Our Pick: Any Noise-Cancelling Headphones from Bose
  • Common Mistake: Standard, garden-variety headphones will work in a pinch, but investing in a quality pair for your employees won’t just help them focus — it’s also a nice gesture that says “hey, we appreciate you working your butt off through Maybe The Worst Year This Century.

Everything Else

  • What To Look For: Other necessary services that your employees need to work, but may be paying out of pocket.
  • Our Pick: Internet bill
  • Common Mistake: None. But good luck having a successful remote team without this.

The wrap up: Give your employees the best support possible, and you’ll get exponentially more back. Short-change them on furniture, software, and support, on the other hand, and you’re gonna have a bad time.

We worked hard with Fully to give your company everything you need to nail remote work. Now all that’s left for you is to build your WFH Perks Plan.



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