First- What is ‘The Cloud’?

When people talk about the cloud the are essentially talking about the internet! Its a metaphor you see, for internet based computing.

 The ‘cloud’ refers to a process utilising different services including a server, storage and applications that are delivered through the internet INSTEAD of being run or stored on your computers hard drive

Ok.. so what is Cloud Hosting?

When people speak of cloud services, they’re actually referring to server clusters (usually made up of virtual computers). 

Instead of having your website or application run on just a single server – as is traditional – the cloud spreads the work among multiple. Think about it as having a computer that you can upgrade or downgrade on the fly depending on your needs

In short, cloud hosting services run your website on multiple servers instead of one, and here’s why that’s good..

Better scalability

For practical purposes, don’t think about your site running on multiple servers, but a single powerful one. Cloud servers can easily add more resources to their cluster to tackle heavy loads on the fly.

Minimise downtime

Usually, if your server goes down, you have no choice but to wait until your provider solves the issue. That isn’t the case with cloud hosting since there isn’t a single point of failure.

More customisation options

Most reputable cloud hosting providers will enable you to customise your server cluster to your specific needs. That means you get to choose how much RAM, CPU cores and storage you get to play with. You can even set the speed of your processors from the get-go (and change it whenever necessary).

Reasonable pricing 

When it comes to pricing, cloud hosting plans tend to sit somewhere between shared and dedicated alternatives. That means you get a lot of bang for your buck as long as you don’t start adding on too many resources.

 Cloud Hosting: Lots of Pros, Few Cons

As you can see there are some serious advantages to cloud hosting. It’s not perfect for every style of website owner, but for those who demand scalability, control, and performance at a value-based price, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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